Bridal Collection

You’ve planned for this day your whole life, and now it’s finally here!! May your wedding be filled with love, happiness and most of all memorable. It is an honor and privilege to assist you in creating a beautiful bridal headpiece for your special day.

We’re At Your Service!!
From simple civic ceremony, an outdoor garden wedding or a formal wedding, there is a special headpiece that is perfect for your Day. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, a fresh flower headpiece or a chic birdcage veil, Diana Thakur Millinery is 100% dedicated to your vision and ideas. Providing the best service you deserve.

Our bridal headpieces and accessories are designed and handsewn with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Novias Bridal Collection

Wedding Veils – Coming soon

I am so happy and thrilled to announce that I will be providing a collection of veils with my signature style yet keeping with tradition. Completely handsewn and given the utmost care and attention to detail

Style and Length:
There are no rules when it comes to selecting your veil, whether you want a short veil or a traditional blusher or cathedral veil. However, it is considered that short veils are most popular this season such as – fingertip, elbow lengths, blusher, or a simple chic birdcage veil.

Traditional Veils:
Fingertip, Elbow, Waltz, Floor (walking veil), Chapel and Cathedral
Single or Double Veils – with or without a blusher
Cascading Veils
Birdcage Veils

Note: Our collection of headpieces such as; the bridal bandeau cap, and headbands can be designed with a detachable veil.

Complimentary Consultation

available upon request, however, very limited.
Please send me an email in the contact page, should you have any questions.