About me

Diana Thakur aka “The Hat Lady”

As a little girl I can remember my mother how she would dress up, in her best outfit and a matching hat! Such style and elegance!!
I would dress up, put on her high heals, pearls and hats. My mom inspired me in so many ways.

It all started when my little sister announced she was getting married and I was so happy for her. Her wedding was in August and decided to wear a summer dress and wanted something for my hair. Thought about hair clips or headband but decided to make a simple fascinator, and it turned out just right for the occasion.
Realized that I had a hidden talent and then a year or so, covid happened. So took the time to study the art, history and learn more about millinery. Began to make hats all by hand. I received a lovely compliment during this time “you should sell your hats, your designs are beautiful.” I got a the lightbulb moment!! And the rest is history.

Founded in 2019, Diana Thakur Millinery is dedicated to designing one of a kind hats, fascinators and bridal accessories. The artistry of hat making is a profound passion of mine always thinking outside the box. My designs are hand blocked to give its unique shape, style and form. Handsewn with the utmost care and attention to detail. My work is never duplicated or mass produced.

My inspiration comes from my mother who taught me to be a successful business woman. My grandmother who taught me at a young age how to sew and crochet.
Sometimes, I get a vision in my mind or get inspired by a movie, and the outdoors.

Creating a collection takes time and patience, it is perfecting each design – piece by piece and lots of trial and error and the final result is a masterpiece show stopper in itself.”

Former owner of a wedding and special events company for 23 years an award winning floral designer and decorator. I ran my business with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Gained trust and respect of many wedding industry professionals, as well as my brides. Catered to bride’s every detail of her wedding from start to finish and created lasting memorias to many!!

While I was running my wedding business, I managed to follow my dream and become a Reator of 15 years. I Dedicated myself to helping many buyers and sellers thought out the years, Served my community via charity work. I achieved many goals one of them “Top Listing Agent” listings totaling 4.7 million. With my experience as listing agent, I began to train new agents on marketing, how to create their brand social media etc. “With hard work, dedication success will follow”